John Cooper Attorney and Counselor At Law


John Cooper Law has the experience, the resources, the professionalism, and the genuine caring to get the best results for adults and juveniles in trouble with the law.  We will partner with you to conquer your legal battle, no matter what the Federal or State Government believes you did wrong or how much punishment you may be facing.   We are relentlessly proactive; we do not wait for the Government to act against you.

We have achieved Not Guilty verdicts and negotiated dismissals and smart plea bargains that protect our clients’ future goals and hopes.   We can pursue expunctions (also called expungements), orders of non-disclosure, and juvenile record sealings as soon as you are eligible, so that a moment of bad luck or bad judgment doesn’t have to keep costing you opportunities for the rest of your life.

We also know that criminal and juvenile charges are often connected to mental illness or drug and alcohol struggles.  We understand that some of the biggest and most important wins don’t involve courtroom fighting.  We are skilled in creatively shaping and negotiating cases and we know how the Government thinks.

Defending You Today – Protecting Your Tomorrow